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Powershell magic in wsp deployment

Hi, In this post I just want to explain how to write a powershell script when you have multiple wsp’s in file location and you need to deploy in one shot. Follow the steps to achieve this : 1.Open the Notepad,Write the code below, 2.Save the file with some name and having extension “.ps1”(e.g installer.ps1).

How to get taskid in workflow for assigning task programmatically

Hi Friends, I am posting my blog after long time. After busy schedule finally I got time post my blog. In this blog I just want to share my experience that I faced while creating workflow and assigning task and sending the link to assign task programmatically. My requirement was that I need to create task and send custom email body.In the body of email,I need to send a link for assign task.I googled the solution no success.Finally I tried with the below approach: