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Create a Web Part Page with a Web Part in Sharepoint 2010

Source code from codeplex
In this blog I am going to explain how to create a web part page along with a web part. After using this feature, we just need to activate the feature; the rest will complete automatically.
Steps for creating the functionality:
Step 1: Create a project with Farm-Based solution:
Step 2: Add a new item as webpart:
Step 3: Add feature event receiver class, your solution should look like the following:
Step 4: Add your logic to the web part:
public class CustomWebPart : WebPart
protected override void CreateChildControls()
LiteralControl lt = new LiteralControl();
lt.Text = "This webpart automatically added with page";
Step 5: You need to provide logic in the feature Reciever class. Find the attached file to see the source code.
Step 6: Build, deploy and activate the feature.
Step 7: Go to Page library (Site Action->View All Pages->Pages).
We can see the code is working fine. The next step is to click on the created page and need to see whether the web part added automatically or not.
Step 9: Click on customWebpartPage1.aspx,"CustomWebPart" is present:
That's it. Hope you like this blog. Give me shout if you need any clarification.


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