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Step by step BCS in SharePoint2010

Hi friends,
Through this blog I am going to share the e-Book on BCS in Sharepoint2010 which guide you in development for Business Connectivity Service in sharepoint2010.This books contains everything about BCS  with screens and real scenerio examples. Vijai Anand (Author of this e-book) have covered all possibles scenerio which required for BCS.

Below are the Contents in this e-book:

1 Business data connectivity services: an overview

2 Configure business data connectivity services
3 Configure BCS service application association

4 External content types

    4.1 SQL server database details

        4.1.1 Employee Details table

        4.1.2 Department table

        4.1.3 Relationship

    4.2 Create external content type using share point designer 2010

        4.2.1 Create External Content Type – Department ECT

        4.2.2 Create External Content Type Association – Employee Details ECT

    4.3 Create external content type using w cf service in share point designer 2010.

    4.4 Create external content type using visual studio 2010

        4.4.1 Create Business Data Connectivity Model

        4.4.2 Add LINQ to SQL Class

        4.4.3 Add Data Connections

        4.4.4 Delete the default Entity from the BDC Model

        4.4.5 Adding an Entity to the Model

        4.4.6 ReadItem (Specific Finder Method)

        4.4.7 ReadList (Finder Method), Create, Delete, Update

        4.4.8 Code Snippet

        4.4.9 Deploy the Solution

    4.5 Create external content type based on share point lists

        4.5.1 SharePoint List

        4.5.2 Create SharePoint Solution based on Business Data Connectivity Model template

        4.5.3 Delete the default BDC Model

        4.5.4 Create a new BDC Model

        4.5.5 Modify Entity1.cs

        4.5.6 Modify the Entity

        4.5.7 ReadItem (Specific Finder Method)

        4.5.8 ReadList (Finder Method)

        4.5.9 Add Service Reference

        4.5.10 Modify CustomersService.cs

        4.5.11 Deploy the solution

    4.6 Manage external content types

        4.6.1 Through Central Administration

        4.6.2 Using SharePoint Designer 2010

5 Configure business data connectivity access rights

    5.1 Set permissions for external content type through central administration
    5.2 Set permissions for external content type using power shell

6 BDC model

    6.1 View BDC models
    6.2 Delete the BDC model
    6.3 Export BDC model using sharepoint designer 2010
    6.4 Export BDC model through central administration 2010
    6.5 Import BDC model to BDC metadata store through central administration
    6.6 Export BDC model from BDC metadata store using powershell
     6.7 Import BDC model to BDC metadata store using powershell
     6.8 Remove BDC model from BDC metadata store using powershell

7 External lists

    7.1 Create external list through UI
    7.2 Create external list through sharepoint designer 2010
    7.3 Create external list using power shell

8 Crud operations for external data

    8.1 Create operation
    8.2 Read operation
    8.3 Update operation
    8.4 Delete operation

9 Configure external data column

10 Configure filter for external item picker using share point designer 2010

11 Search configuration for external data

    11.1 Create a new content source
    11.2 Create a new search scope
    11.3 Add scope rule
    11.4 Create a new basic search center
    11.5 Configure search scopes in the search center
    11.6 Start full crawl
    11.7 Search for external data

12 Configure profile page for BCS

13 Business data web parts

    13.1 Business data list
    13.2 Business data item

        13.2.1 Configure Business Data Item web part

        13.2.2 Configure connections between Business Data List and Business Data Item web part

    13.3 Business data actions

        13.3.1 Add an action to external content type

        13.3.2 Configure Business Data Actions web part

    13.4 Business data connectivity filter

        13.4.1 Configure business data connectivity filter

        13.4.2 Configure connections between business data connectivity filter and business data list web part

    13.5 Business data related list

        13.5.1 Configure Business Data List web part for Department External Content Type

        13.5.2 Configure Business Data Related List web part

        13.5.3 Connect Business Data List and Business Data Related List web parts

14 User profile imports using BCS

    14.1 Create new user properties
    14.2 Configure synchronization connection
    14.3 Add mapping to user property
    14.4 Edit the user profile
    14.5 Start full synchronization

15 Publish BCS across farms

    15.1 Exchange trust certificates between farms

        15.1.1 Exporting and copying certificates

   To export the root certificate from the consuming farm

   To export the STS certificate from the consuming farm

   To export the root certificate from the publishing farm

   To copy the certificates

        15.1.2 Managing trust certificates

   Establishing trust on the consuming farm

   Establishing trust on the publishing farm

    15.2 Publish BCS application

    15.3 Set permission to the application discovery and load balancing service application for a consuming farm by using windows power shell
    15.4 Set permission to the published service application for a consuming farm
    15.5 Connect to a bcs application on a remote farm

16 External data in Microsoft Word 2010

    16.1 Steps involved

17 External list in SharePoint workspace 2010

    17.1 SQL database details
    17.2 External content type
    17.3 External list
    17.4 Connect an external list to sharepoint 2010 workspace
    17.5 Crud operations on external list from sharepoint 2010 work space

        17.5.1 Read operation

        17.5.2 Create operation

        17.5.3 Delete operation

        17.5.4 Update operation

    17.6 Sorting, Grouping or Filtering external list items in work space

18 BCS related issues and how to resolve

    18.1 Access denied by business data connectivity
    18.2 Unable to add or edit the external list identifier column in the sharepoint workspace

    18.3 Unable to connect to the specified address. Verify the url you entered and contact the service administrator for more details

I am sure you will definetly like this book.

Thank you and enjoy sharepoint


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